Online Sportsbook and Bookmaker Reviews

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Best Bookmakers Online

Since it’s impossible to say which bookmaker is best for every individual punter, this list is based on more broad aspects. The following online bookmakers are ranked based on security, financial stability, customer service, overall betting options, betting limits, variety of promotions, and some other generic aspects. Read our reviews for more detailed information about each bookmaker.


    Another must-have book for serious handicappers. Low vig for many sports, excellent promotions, and always pay out big winners without issue. Plenty of easy deposit & withdrawal methods available. Wide selection of sports offered and betting options.

    Pinnacle Bookmaker Review


    The best online bookmaker for professional punters, with maximum betting limits of €20,000 or more. Big winners are paid out without issue. Customer service representatives are very knowledgeable and available via toll-free phone 24/7. Early lines on most sports and lower vig on props than most online bookmakers. Review

For serious handicappers, we recommend having funded accounts at several of the best online bookmakers. This allows punters to find the best odds & lowest vig, and take advantage of a wider variety of promotions. If you’re only betting at one site, you’re costing yourself money.

Comparing Online Bookmakers

There is no such thing as the perfect online bookmaker. Depending on a number of factors, a book may be a good or bad choice for you. Before reading our reviews, consider making a list that ranks your most important features. Some aspects to consider include:

  • Betting options for your preferred sports.
  • Low juice and/or reduced juice promotions.
  • Parlay & teaser odds.
  • Special promotions for your preferred sports.
  • Matchup previews & stats offered?
  • Early lines?
  • Free bets offered?
  • Mobile betting offered?
  • Live betting offered?
  • Minimum or maximum betting limits.
  • Easy deposit & withdrawal options?

Betting Options for Your Preferred Sports

Each online bookmaker focuses more attention on some sports than others. If you’re interested in betting on cricket, make sure you’re signing up at bookmakers that share your interest. Not only will you find more betting options, but with a larger base of punters betting on that sport, the odds will generally have more movement. This makes it easier to find attractive odds.

Low Juice and/or Reduced Juice Promotions

Some online bookmakers offer reduced or no juice on certain sports. Sometimes the reduced & no juice deals are offered on certain days of the week, while others run reduced juice all week long. Winning handicappers always find the lowest vig for the sports & games they bet on. This is one reason to have accounts at several bookmakers online – to find the lowest vig.

Parlay & Teaser Odds

Parlays (accumulators) & teasers are a couple of the most fun types of bets that can be made. They give punters the chance at a big score, with a relatively low wager amount. However, there is a huge variety in odds that are offered for these types of bets. For example, some online bookmakers only offer 10/1 odds on 4-team parlays, while others offer as much as 13.5/1. For 7-team parlays, some bookies only offer 75/1 odds, while others go as high as 107/1. Why would you give away an extra 32/1 when you can get it for no extra cost? Parlays and teasers are hard to win, so it’s critical that punters get the highest odds possible for when they do.

Special Promotions for Your Preferred Sports

Some online bookmakers offer solid, legitimate promotions that regular punters should take advantage of. Others offer low value or a lower volume of promotions. Some promotions are related to individual sports, while others suit all bettors. If a bookmaker offers a lot of great cricket & tennis promotions, but you only bet on football and rugby, you won’t be able to take part in any of the promotions. Look for online bookmakers that offer promotions for your sports, or more generic promotions that anyone can take advantage of.

Matchup Previews & Stats Offered

Does the bookmaker you’re considering offer game matchups, with previews & stats? These days, most bookmakers online have a certain amount of information that can help you find the best value. Some are very strong in this area, while others are weaker. If you have a stats service you already subscribe to, this may not make a big difference to you. However, if a site has a great area for stats & game information, you may be able to cancel your stats subscription and save that money.

Early Lines

While most handicappers bet late, sharps and educated cappers also look for value on early lines. When an online bookmaker posts their lines earlier than others, value can often be found. Later, when all of the books have accepted wagers on a specific game, there is less variation in odds from book to book. For betting on big favorites, odds will often be best at the first bookmakers to post them. For high-profile games, the difference can be dramatic.

Free Bets Offered

Many online bookmakers offer free bets as an incentive for new punters to sign up, or to keep loyal customers coming back. Some bookmakers only offer them for a first-time mobile bet, and others offer them once per week for anyone. Most free bet offers are for €10 – €25, but some are even higher. Also, most free bets have some sort of rollover requirement, but some do not. While free bet promotions shouldn’t be at the top of the list as a reason to sign up anywhere, they should be considered as part of the overall package a bookmaker offers.

Mobile Betting

We believe that mobile betting is the way of the future. No longer do punters have to sit at home in front of their computers to place a wager. Now it can be done from anywhere via your mobile phone. Most online bookmakers now offer mobile betting, but some do not. If you want to be able to bet from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows based mobile phone, make sure the bookmaker you’re signing up at offers this service.

Live Betting

Along with mobile betting, live betting is another growing market in sports betting. Now punters can bet on the game, during the game. Bets can be made on such things as which player or team will score next, how they will score, or a variety of individual elements within a game. For example, punters can bet on whether or not the offense of an NFL team will record a first down on their next possession.

Live betting is becoming increasingly popular in football (soccer), basketball, American football, rugby, baseball, tennis, and many other sports.

Some online bookmakers offer a much wider selection of live bets than others. Plus, some have much better software for live betting than others. Some bookmakers now have live updates of everything that is happening during a game. So, even if the game isn’t being televised, you can follow along and make bets while the action is happening – fun stuff.

Most online bookmakers have minimum live bets of €1 – €2, with maximum bets in the range of €100- €500 depending on the type of wager it is.

Minimum & Maximum Betting Limits

Every bookmaker online has their own set minimum and maximum bet amounts. Some cater more to casual punters looking to have fun, offering minimum bets as low as €1. Generally speaking, the highest minimum wager amount you’ll find at any online bookmaker will be €5.

Depending on the bookmaker and type of bet, most online bookmakers have maximum bet amounts that range from €100 – €500. Some books offer much larger maximum bets, up to €20000 or more.

Most bookmakers online will accept larger bets for money line and straight bets than they will on parlays. If you’re looking for high-stakes sports betting, be sure to find books that will allow you to make large bets, and will pay out if you win.

Easy Deposit & Withdrawal Options

The most popular ways to deposit are via Visa & Mastercard credit & debit cards. Also, Neteller is a very popular option for punters who have accounts at several online bookmakers. Neteller makes it easy to move your money around, and loading up a Neteller account is very easy.

Almost every online bookmaker offers these three deposit options, along with several others. Each bookmaker has their own set of deposit options available, so if you prefer a method different from the ones mentioned above, be sure they accept it before signing up.

While this isn’t always the case, the most popular deposit methods can also be used for withdrawals.