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PinnacleSports is a legendary online betting site that operates with the lowest margins and highest betting limits in the industry.


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Their history likely begins in 1980 when a dozen of the most sophisticated sports punters formed “the computer group”. This group, using a rented computer 2400 miles from their location (remember computers were large and expensive in 1980), developed advanced sports betting models able to predict point spreads with remarkable accuracy. In a time when computers as an everyday machine had no firm place in sports, this group dominated sports betting coast to coast. While it’s never been confirmed, many gambling enthusiasts speculate Pinnacle Sports was founded in 1998 with the help of a former computer group member.

As a sports bettor, here are the top 5 reasons to choose Pinnacle Sports

  1. Great OddsPinnacle Sports operates on a reduced juice model. Here you’ll find most odds/even bets at odds 1.95 or better as opposed to the industry standard 1.91. No matter if you’re shopping European, Asian or American sports, more times than not Pinnacle’s odds are better than their competitors, and this includes exchanges such as Betfair.
  2. Massive Betting Limits – Pinnacle Sports sets betting limits on a game by game basis, but no matter what limit is set these are “per bet” limits. You’re free to max bet again and again as the odds change. is where the big punters place their wagers; it’s not uncommon for Pinnacle to take a six-figure wager from a single punter on a given match.
  3. No Limit Collars – Pinnacle Sports takes pride in the fact they accept sharp action. If they find themselves losing too much money as the result of your account, they’ll recognize this as their own failure to properly adjust markets and then fix this internally. To state it simply, at Pinnacle you’ll never have to worry about having your limits cut, or about being banned for winning too much.
  4. Licensed and Regulated – Pinnacle Sports is licensed and regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles (Department of Justice) which is widely considered the strictest gambling commissions in the industry. Pinnacle Sports subjecting themselves to this regulation has nothing to do with convenience and everything to do with giving their clients an additional piece of mind.
  5. Player Trust and Fast Payouts – Pinnacle Sports is the industry’s largest and most trusted online betting site, rated A+ at SBR, and 5.0 at Bookmaker Review. This is a not a site where there are any concerns over payouts. On the contrary, Pinnacle goes out of their way to pay winners as quickly as possible; Moneybookers and Neteller withdrawals are generally processed in 15 minutes or less. And to give their players a better experience, they offer effective depositing solutions in many different currencies including Brazilian Real and Colombian Peso.

Downsides of Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports focuses on offering the best odds in the industry for results and total betting. Here you won’t find a plethora of prop bets, future bets, or even competitive odds on multiples (parlays) or a wide amount of live betting coverage. If you’re simply looking for the best odds on who will win a match, or whether the match will score over or under the posted total, Pinnacle Sports is the best place. If on the other hand you require bonuses, reloads, promotions, props and all the other entertainment type bets then we suggest

Also worth noting is Pinnacle does not accept US players. If you’re from the US and looking for a discount sportsbook with top industry ratings and timely payouts we suggest The final thing to mention is Pinnacle does not offer a customer service phone number. However, those emailing [email protected] will generally get an answer from a courteous and knowledgeable support rep in a matter of minutes.

Pinnacle Sports History launched in 1998, from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles during a time when many online sportsbooks used bonuses and promotions to attract new players. Rather than doing the same, Pinnacle abandoned the standard model of -110 pricing (1.91 European) for each side of a 50/50 bet and instead focused on a reduced vig model. To pull this off they developed advanced computer algorithms that would profile bettors and then move odds automatically as bets came in. The discount pricing initially appealed to sharps, but as Pinnacle began educating recreational punters about the importance of getting the best price, business once belonging to their competitors started flowing Pinnacle’s way.

Who Owns Pinnacle Sports?

This is a loaded question that no matter how deep you Google search you’re not going to find an answer to. However, due to Pinnacle’s advanced handicapping skills and sophisticated betting software which manages to set correct prices, profile bettors, and move lines all on automation while profiting immensely from a sharp friendly business with low juice, many suspect a former member (or members) of “the computer group” either owns the company or consulted with Pinnacle in some capacity. Whatever the case, Pinnacle has a massive office build in Curacao filled with customer service reps that are paid weekly, many of whom I’ve known for years, who like myself don’t know the answer to this question.

Key People Who Helped Build Pinnacle Sports

Simon Nobles is a man with an impressive resume in online gambling. His first act was founding, the site which on January 17, 1996 accepted the first ever online sports bet. After many years acting as their CEO he was lured away when the God Father of offshore betting Billy Scott was retiring and made Nobles an offer he couldn’t refuse to take over as the CEO of World Wide TeleSports (WWTS). For those not aware, founded in 1992, WWTS was the world’s largest phone in wagering shop long before online gambling started. While serving as their CEO Nobles took the online operation of WWTS to the top. In late 2005, Simon Nobles became the head of marketing and the voice of Pinnacle Sports. While much of his material was written by Elihu Feustel, articles credited to Simon Nobles appeared frequently in publications such as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and US Today, and mainstream media sites such as Yahoo and MSN.

While he didn’t get much credit at the time, Elihu Feustel played a major-roll in helping Pinnacle Sports become the preferred online betting out of many smaller limit players. Having spent the previous five-years practicing insurance law, Feustel took a position with Pinnacle Sports in December 2003. During his run with Pinnacle he was in charge of setting and managing lines for Arena Football, propositions and other small markets. His contributions to the company went much further once his writing talents were discovered.

Elihu Feustel became the main author of popular betting publication called “The Pinnacle Pulse” which taught players knowledge known previously only to handicappers, bookmakers and sharps. No doubt it was these articles, that circulated the net rapidly (viral marketing at its best) that turned many “sharps in training” on to Pinnacle Sports. After leaving Pinnacle Sports Elihu Feustel took on a position with SBR where he became known by his forum handle Justin7, and later authored the book “Conquering Risk: Attacking Vegas and Wall Street” which is available for $24.95 at

Of course there are dozens of others who help Pinnacle Sports become the top online sportsbook including Charles Bowman, Samuel Bollia, Henry Smith and Aly Lalani to name just a few.

Best Pinnacle Sports Betting Tip

Pinnacle Sports offers the sharpest lines in the industry with the highest betting limits and fastest payouts. When you ponder this a bit you’ll realize unlike other betting sites that take thousands of bets from recreational gamblers willing to bet no matter what the odds, Pinnacle needs to keep their lines sharp and balance action. For that reason, we don’t have any tips to actually beat Pinnacle. If you’ve capped the match and are going to wager on it, you’ll find more times than not Pinnacle has the best odds.

Perhaps the easiest way to profit betting sports is to simply use Pinnacle Sports as a guide. This strategy involves opening accounts at recreational sportsbooks such as and and then comparing odds. When Pinnacle has the best odds on both sides of a match, likely there is no value to be had. However, when another betting site is offering odds better than Pinnacle more times than not, the bet at the other site is a smart one as Pinnacle’s odds most always spot on exact.

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