Reverse Betting

A reverse bet is similar to a parlay bet but is actually a set of if bets where action goes in both forward and reverse order. Let’s say for NBA basketball two games on the board are Boston Celtics -4 vs. Lakers +4 and Chicago Bulls -3 / Orlando Magic +3. We decide we want to bet the Lakers +4 and also want to bet the Bulls -3. If we did so in a $100 2-team parlay we’ll be paid $264.64 if both teams win, and we will lose our full $100 stake if we go 1-1 or 0-2. If we instead made a reverse bet our wager would be:

  • Bet #1 Lakers +4 -110 $50 to win $45.4545.
  • If win, push, tie, or cancelled –Then: Bulls -3 -110 $50 to win $45.4545
  • Bet #2 Bulls -3 -110 $50 to win $45.4545.
  • If win, push, tie, or cancelled – Then: Lakers +4 -110 $50 to win $45.4545

The two bets above are placed together on the same ticket using the reverse bet wagering option of an online bookmaker. As you can see this is a “double if bet” using the same selections. Bet $50 on the Lakers and if they win, push, tie or cancel rebet my $50 stake on the Bulls. Also bet $50 on the Bulls and if they win, push, tie or cancel rebet my $50 stake on the Lakers. Do you understand now why this is called an action reverse?

The potential outcomes:

  • If both teams lose your $100 stake is lost= -$100
  • If both teams win you win $45.4545 four times = +$181.82
  • If one team wins and the other loses you win $45.45, but you moved your $50 return of stake to the team that lost which you had another $50 stake on that also lost. So (+$45.45)+(-$50)+(-$50)= -$54.55.

Are Reverse Bets Better than 2-Team Parlays?

This depends how you define better. With a $100 2-team parlay where both selections are -110 we either lose $100 or win $264.64. For $100 action reverse we lose $100, lose $54.55 or win $181.82. If both point spread bets are truly 50/50 propositions the expected ROI on the parlay is -8.88% (per bet) and on the action reverse -6.82% (per bet). If you’re a recreational bettor and looking for which play over the long haul will result in the lowest expected loss no question action reverse is the best bet. If you want a higher payout relative to stake a parlay might be better. Again, it depends how you define better.

Where to Bet Action Reverses Online no question about it is the best website for action reverse betting. The reasons why are many. For starters, every wager on their board can be added to an action reverse ticket. This includes main markets from all the most popular sports but it also includes live in-play, football props, small market sports, team totals, first quarter lines and more. It is also possible to select up to 10 wagers on the same reverse bet ticket. When selecting more than two, your wager will be a round robin on every single possible two bet combo. Although there are other sites on the market for placing this wager type, 5dimes is by far the site offering the most options and value on reverses.

action reverse bet

Where to find reverse bets on 5Dimes

Reverse Betting Strategy

Reverse bets are primarily a way for recreational players, and by this I mean those gambling just looking to get lucky, to leverage their bankroll with a lower expected loss than 2-team parlays entail. There however are times professional bettors use this form of wagering.

The most obvious strategy is when making wagers that are correlated. Be warned however 5Dimes has zero tolerance for shot taking. If you make a wager that is obviously correlated such as the pitcher over a certain number of strike outs and the other team under their posted team total, these bets will be voided. Perhaps not at first but if 5Dimes catches you doing this expect consequence. There are less obvious correlations that can be bet.

Take for example late in the NFL season. One team is eliminated from the playoffs if the other wins. This is a time you might consider a reverse bet because if that other team is blowing out their opponent, fourth-quarter motivation might change.

Another scenario a pro might do action reverses is when they need to make a wager on a strong position in a hurry and don’t have time to post up additional funds. Years ago, Ben Roethlisberger’s motorcycle accident and the death of Brett Favre’s father are two times I remember that announcement came during overnight hours for the books. This is a time you might find yourself a situation where you need to make a bet in a hurry but don’t have time to post up more funds. You might leverage this by doing action reverses with several other games.

Two strong positions is obviously another reason pros would make this form of wager. Yet another is circumventing betting limits when possible. I’m sure they are more reasons too. This article was intended to provide just an overview on how reverse betting works and to include strategic ideas. This all said, we at Online Gambling hope you found this information helpful and wish you the best of luck utilizing it this betting season.