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With around 100 different casinos using their software, Microgaming Software Systems is one of the top providers of casino solutions for online gambling sites. One of the biggest draws of Microgaming casinos is the incredible selection of slots that they provide. In fact, Microgaming has so many slots to choose from that most online casinos don’t actually have the entire Microgaming slot machine library, instead choosing from the hundreds of different games the company provides.

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Types of Microgaming Slots

Overall, Microgaming features well over 300 different slot machines that run the gambit from basic three-reel slots to slots with large progressive jackpots. There really isn’t any one feature that links all of these different games together, other than the fact that they are slots. They offer different ranges of denominations, different jackpots, and different graphics and special features.

However, we can group the Microgaming slots into a number of different categories, and talk about what you can expect from each of these machine types. Read below to get an in-depth look at a few of the typical machines you might see at a Microgaming-powered casino site.

Classic Three-Reel Slots at Microgaming

While there are plenty of more advanced slots out there that add special features to the mix, one of the most popular remains the basic three-reel slot. Microgaming offers plenty of these machines, and one great example is their Diamond Sevens slot.

Diamond Sevens” doesn’t offer any progressive jackpots or bonus screens, but it’s a perfect online version of the classic action that made slots so popular in brick-and-mortar casinos. The game can be played for anywhere between a quarter and $5 per coin, with a maximum of three coins bet on any one spin. The goal is to match three of the same symbols: bars, sevens, diamonds and cherries. There’s only one line where you can win, keeping the game as simple as possible.

As we said, there are no frills here – we’ve pretty much just described the entire game to you. The maximum jackpot is 2,500 coins, so while you can’t become a millionaire on a single spin, the potential exists to win up to $12,500 at any given time.

Microgaming Basic Five-Reel Slots

Like most casino software packages, Microgaming’s slot machine selection features a majority of five-reel slot machines. However, just because there are more reels doesn’t mean that the action has to be overly complex. Five-reel slots generally have more ways to win, but some are just as easy to use as the classic slots we mentioned above.

Just take a look at the Retro Reels slot machine, which is available in most Microgaming casinos. While it has five reels, it is otherwise very similar to a basic slot machine. You can play at any level between a penny and a quarter, but that’s a little misleading; the main difference between the three-reel games and even the most basic five-reel slots comes in the number of coins you can wager. There are twenty different pay lines, and players can wager up to 20 coins on each line, meaning you can put up to 400 coins on a single spin – at a quarter per coin, that can mean you’ve made $100 in bets! Of course, you don’t have to bet that much on a single spin; you can choose to play for as many (or as few) coins and lines as you like.

Retro Reels” offers a jackpot of up to 10,000 coins, meaning you can win up to $2,500 if you play the game as a quarter machine. There aren’t really any special features on the machine, but you can win free spins. Overall, this is just a slight spin on traditional slots action…but Microgaming offers other machines that are anything but ordinary!

Best Microgaming Bonus Slots

Bonus slots are the modern take on slots games. These games not only feature standard slots action, but give players the opportunity to reach bonus screens in which you’ll get to play bonus games that can pay out huge wins. While normal slots can often get boring after playing them for hours, the bonus features on these machines add some more interactivity and variety to the games, keeping you entertained and engaged for longer.

One excellent example of a bonus slot offered by Microgaming is “Spectacular Wheel of Wealth.” This unique take on the popular “Wheel of Fortune” game starts off like a normal slot; it plays for $1 a coin, and players can insert up to two coins per spin. Jackpots range up to $5,000, and the “Spectacular” bonus symbol makes it possible to win multiples of smaller prizes.

What’s really cool about the Wheel of Wealth games, however, is what happens if you hit the “spin” symbol when you bet two coins. When this occurs, you’ll be taken to a second screen for the bonus game, in which you can spin a wheel that will award bonus coins. Depending on your luck, you can win anywhere from 20 to 1,000 coins in this bonus game!

Best Progressive Slots Jackpots at Microgaming Casinos

The biggest wins in all of gambling come from progressive slot machines, and Microgaming has some of the most lucrative jackpots of all. There are more than 15 different progressive slots available, but no single machine better illustrates the power of Microgaming jackpots than Mega Moolah: the game that once paid out €6,374,434, the largest online casino payout in history!

Mega Moolah” may look cute with its African animal theme, but don’t let that fool you. The amount of the mega jackpot is always on the screen, and it’ll usually be well over $1 million. There are also some smaller random jackpots that give you the chance to win a few thousand dollars just for playing at the right time. While you can play for up to 125 coins at a time, the game actually isn’t all that expensive, since it’s usually only offered in denominations of one to five cents. There are plenty of other bonus features too, plus the ability to get free spins and win multipliers if you can hit the lucky lion symbol.

Mega Moolah Slots Game

Mega Moolah is an African themed, 4-tiered, animal adventure slots game from Microgaming. It features:

  • 5 reels
  • 25 paylines
  • A max bet of 5 coins per payline
  • A total of 125 coins per bet placed

In Mega Moolah, betting starts as low as 0.01 to 0.05 and a total bet of 6.25 is allowed per spin. Wild and scatter symbols show up all the time during Mega Moolah as the progressive jackpot feature multiplies winnings exponentially. As fun as the game is, the jackpots are the main attraction of Mega Moolah. The max bet allows for a 75,000 coin winnings on the base game jackpot, while a total of 225,000 coins can be won on the Free Spins multiplier jackpot., powered by Microgaming, is our #1 recommendation for Mega Moolah slots!

Final Thoughts

Microgaming definitely has a huge selection of slots – probably the best selection available from any casino software provider. There are hundreds of different machines, many of which have unique bonus features. The games range from traditional games to a few branded slots (like the “Tomb Raider” games you’ll find at most Microgaming casinos), along with quite a few with bad puns (“The Umpire Strikes Back“, “Apocalypse Cow“…you get the idea). No matter what kind of games you like to play, Microgaming casinos will not only have something for you, but they’ll have a wide selection of those slots for you to choose from. Our microgaming powered casino of choice is: