Best Macau Casinos for Slots

Go to most casinos around the world, and slot machines will dominate the landscape. They tend to be the biggest money makers for the casino, and gamblers love them for their simple gameplay and potential for huge rewards.

But that’s not the story in Macau. Here, it’s table games – mainly, baccarat – that are the biggest draw. In some cases, there will be more tables on the casino floor than slot machines, a situation you’d never find in a Vegas casino! Slots simply don’t have the same pull in Macau, so they’re often relegated to the sidelines.

That said, pretty much every casino in Macau will feature at least some slot machines, and a few have a huge selection that rivals the biggest casinos anywhere in the world. The key is knowing where to go to find the best slots action. Here are our picks for the best Macau casinos for slots!

Best Macau Slots/Slot Machines

The Venetian Macau Slots

Located on the Cotai Strip, The Venetian is a massive resort with an enormous number of slots for you to choose from. In total, there are somewhere around 3,400 slot machines in the complex, which dwarfs the slots options at even the other casinos you’ll find on this list.

Really, there’s a ton of everything at The Venetian, and it’s a great spot to play at no matter what games you’re looking to play. But since slots are in relatively short supply in Macau, it’s definitely the best place to play if you’re a slot machine addict.

Sands Macau Slots

The Sands Macau was the first of the new, Western-style casino opened in Macau, so it’s no surprise that it came with a lot of slot machine action. There are over 1,250 slots here, spread out over the length of a huge casino floor that seems to never end.

One other cool thing for slots players here is that the Sands Macau has a special VIP area, the Pearl Room, which allows high rollers to play in relative seclusion. This section is notable because it also contains 180 higher-limit slots for big spenders to try their luck on.

MGM Grand Macau Slots

By now, it should be no surprise that most of the casinos on this list are going to be the casinos owned and operated by Western companies trying to make their mark in Macau. Since these casinos tend to be the ones most visited by Western tourists – who are more likely to want to play slots – they do everything they can to cater to their markets.

The MGM Grand is no exception to this rule. With over 1,000 slot machines, you’re sure to find something to play that should be right up your alley. It’s not quite as grandiose as a few of the other mega-casinos, but there’s still more than enough for any gambler to do here over two separate floors of casino gaming.

City of Dreams Slots

This brand new resort on the Cotai Strip features three different hotels and a ton of different gaming options spread throughout. Here, you can play in several different casinos without ever leaving the building!

Between all of the different hotels and casinos in this sprawling complex, you’ll find over 1,500 machines to play on. We also like that the City of Dreams isn’t all about appealing to VIP guests (much of Macau seems focused on attracting as many whales as possible), which makes it a slightly more affordable gambling option for more typical visitors.

Galaxy Starworld Slots

Galaxy Starworld is one of the top casinos in Macau, and it shows in the way that it is able to attract both Asian visitors and those traveling from the United States and Europe. It’s definitely a place to visit while you’re on a Macau trip, just to see what all the hype is about.

While you’re here, you’ll also be able to get in a decent amount of slot machine action. There are around 500 slot machines here – not a huge number, but by Macau standards, it’s quite the selection.

Honorable Mentions

While we bemoaned the lack of slot machine-focused casinos in Macau at the beginning of this article, the truth is that there are plenty of places here that offer at least a reasonable selection of games to choose from. When it comes to slots, Macau isn’t Vegas, but it’s not like you’ll have to search for days just to find a decent machine. Here are a few of the other casinos around that offer a good selection of your favorite slots!

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  • Pharaoh’s Palace Casino Slots
  • Ponte 16 Slots
  • Wynn Macau Slots
  • Altria Macau Slots
  • Golden Dragon Casino