Best Macau Casinos for Craps

Craps is not a particularly popular game in Macau, but it’s not unheard of for a casino to offer a few tables for interested gamblers. While craps is actually a pretty easy game to pick up, it does take an experienced player or two to explain the rules to new players; the lack of such experienced hands in Macau might be a factor in the slow growth of the game. Of course, the fact that no game can compete with the popularity of baccarat means that there’s not a lot of space for other games to fight over, either.

With a limited number of craps games available to choose from, it’s important to know where to look for the best games in Macau. With similar rules at every casino, the best way to differentiate these casinos was based on the odds they allow you to take behind the pass line, along with the overall quality of the casinos involved. Here are our picks for the best Macau casinos for craps!

Best Craps Casinos in Macau

L’Arc Casino Craps

L’Arc is a five-star hotel with a very nice casino, which makes it a fine place to stay for any visitor to Macau. However, we’re giving it the spotlight here thanks to the fact that they reportedly allow 10x odds on their craps games, the best you’ll find anywhere in Macau.

City of Dreams Craps

The City of Dreams has a little bit of everything between the four towers and massive gaming floors spread out across the facility, and that includes a few craps tables. They offer 5x odds here on all odds bets, which is an added plus.

Venetian Macau Craps

The Venetian is a sight to see regardless of where you’re actually staying in Macau, so why not stop by here for a bit and play some craps? The craps games here offer the same odds structure seen at many Vegas casinos; that is, 3x-5x, depending on what the point is (5x being reserved for points of 6 and 8). It’s not the most generous offering you’ll see everywhere, but it’s a pretty standard offering. Since the rest of the Venetian is anything but standard, we’re happy to recommend you check it out.

Wynn Macau Craps

Who doesn’t love playing any game in the style and glamour of the Wynn? They probably have the best layout of any casino in Macau, and the craps game isn’t half bad
either. It’s the standard 3x-5x odds you’ll find at most of the major Western casinos, but that’s enough to make it worthwhile. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll probably have to pay quite a bit to play; this is, after all, the Wynn.

MGM Grand Macau Craps

The MGM Grand is another one of the Western-owned mega-casinos offering the same odds on their craps games as the Venetian (3x-5x, depending on the point). While it’s not the incredible sight to behold that the Venetian or the Wynn are, the MGM Grand is an excellent casino, and a fine place to find a hopping craps table to throw dice on.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few other craps games available in Macau, and none of them are really bad options. Here are the other craps destinations worth checking out while you’re visiting:

  • Grand Lisboa
  • Grand Waldo