Best Macau Casinos for Blackjack

In American casinos, blackjack is the game taking up the most tables, often with long rows of tables being devoted entirely to the game. This is clearly not the case in Macau; here, baccarat is king, and blackjack is reduced to a secondary game that locals have only a passing interest in.

However, there’s no dismissing just how popular blackjack is around the world, and so the casinos in Macau have been sure to deal it in various forms for many years. These days, almost every casino has at least a token blackjack table or two; many casinos, especially those built by Western gambling operations, offer quite a bit more.

We’ve rated the Macau casinos based on how favorable their blackjack rules are for players (house edge figures are based on those posted at The Wizard of Macau), as well as the availability of blackjack in each casino. Here are our picks for the best Macau casinos for blackjack.

Best Blackjack Games in Macau

Pharaoh’s Palace Blackjack

This casino, located in the Landmark Hotel, gets a special mention here for some rather unique reasons. Normally, it wouldn’t be this high on our list; however, they offer a unique take on blackjack that has as low a house edge as you’ll find anywhere in Macau.

The rules for this interesting blackjack game – which, reportedly, is now still being dealt at the Pharaoh’s Palace – offer a couple of extra rules which definitely help the player. For instance, the player can elect to win half of their bet immediately any time they make a five card hand, unless the dealer is showing an ace. The player also immediately wins 3-1 with a hand of 777 or suited 678.

The result of these rules means that if you play the optimal strategy in this game, there is no house edge at all! The player doesn’t have an advantage either, but the game is essentially a coin toss (in the long run) between you and the dealer. That’s enough to get a great recommendation from us!

Wynn Macau Blackjack

If you’re looking for a more traditional blackjack game that offers the player a fighting chance, check out the Wynn. Here, the house edge is a miniscule 0.09%, giving the house almost no advantage over a knowledgeable player.

The Wynn is also one of the ritzier casinos in Macau, making it a fun place to play in general. The way they lay out their casino floor – there are a bunch of smaller areas rather than a massive gaming floor with table after table in an endless mass – is relaxing and intimate. Overall, you’ll have a great time playing blackjack here.

MGM Grand Macau Blackjack

The MGM Grand uses the same rules as the Wynn, meaning you’re sure to get your money’s worth from your time at the blackjack tables. The atmosphere isn’t quite up to par with the Wynn, but you’ll still have an excellent time here; it’s just that row after row of table games can be a bit overwhelming when you first arrive in the casino, and tends to keep things loud and a bit crowded at busy times. Still, we can highly recommend the MGM Grand for anyone staying in Macau looking for an excellent blackjack game.

The Venetian Macau

If you visit the Cotai Strip, there’s no way you won’t at least take a look inside the Venetian Macau, the Sands’ mega-casino and hotel complex here. The casino floor is
enormous, with over 800 table games available; with that many games, you might have guessed that they can’t all be baccarat, which leaves plenty of space for other options like blackjack.

The rules aren’t quite as good as those we’ve mentioned above – there’s a slightly higher 0.16% house edge here – but the difference is tiny. Plus, few places in Macau are as exciting to visit as the Venetian, so chances are you’ll make your way here at some point; don’t be afraid to hit the blackjack tables when you do.

Sands Macau Blackjack

Before the Venetian was opened, Sands already operated the very first non-monopoly owned casino in Macau. Their humongous gaming area is spread over three floors, and includes blackjack using similar rules as those at the Venetian. The Sands Macau is an important casino in a historical sense, but it’s also one of the nicest places to visit even on its own merits – especially for players who are interested in playing blackjack.

Honorable Mentions

There are several other excellent casinos in Macau who spread a few (or more than a few) blackjack tables on a regular basis. Many of them offer games with very low house edges like the ones we mentioned above, meaning they’re great deals for players and are well worth checking out. Here are a few of the best spots for blackjack we haven’t mentioned yet!

  • Grand Lisboa
  • Ponte 16
  • Golden Dragon
  • City of Dreams
  • Altira