What is Online Bingo

Online bingo, which is basically land-based bingo played on the internet, is so popular that it has grown into a multi-million dollar industry at present. The main difference between the two, other than the obvious factor of it being played on the internet, is the use of random number generators in the case of online bingo instead of the traditional bingo balls that are used in land-based bingo halls. Online bingo sites, which offer a wide range of popular bingo variants along with side games such as slots, scratch offs and table games, are becoming more popular than land-based bingo halls.

Today, many online bingo sites have gone the extra mile to re-create the realistic and communal experience of playing in land-based bingo halls, as a result of which they offer bingo players the opportunity to be a part of an online bingo community where they get to share their stories and testimonies of bingo wins. Online bingo sites have brought the joys of playing bingo right inside the players’ homes so that they can enjoy bingo games round the clock without having to travel to a local bingo hall or club, and pay heavy club membership fees.

The best online bingo sites offer exciting deposit bonuses and freebies, which translates into free bingo money offered as sign-up gifts. Online bingo sites also allow players to play for real money and win huge jackpots, which are sometimes worth millions. Players need not worry about their financial transactions because these sites are licensed and regulated and accept a wide range of reputed online payment processors so that players can safely deposit money into their online gaming accounts and withdraw their winnings. The best online bingo sites in the industry are known for processing payouts quickly.

Players, who frequent land-based bingo halls in order to enjoy the social interaction of playing bingo, need not be troubled about missing out on this social aspect when playing online bingo. This is because of the delightful chat functionality which forms a feature of most bingo gaming software, enabling players to chat and interact with chat moderators and their bingo buddies as they play major bingo games, side games and chat games. Online bingo provides players the opportunity to be a part of an online bingo community and play bingo games at any time and place via the internet, while simultaneously also giving them the chance to win jackpot games with large prizes.

Online bingo is much more relaxing and entertaining that land-based bingo owing to the availability of fascinating features such as the auto daub and best card highlight, which allow players to enjoy the social aspects of the game without worrying about missing a number. The auto daub feature marks off the numbers as they are called, which means that players do not need to pay attention and manually mark off the numbers. They can purchase as many as 96 tickets if they wish and the bingo site will mark off the numbers for them.

Since online bingo is customized to suit various bankroll sizes, players can find free games for real money prizes, penny games, as well as expensive games. The pre-purchase feature allows players to buy tickets to a game well in advance and the bingo site will automatically play the game and credit winnings if any to players’ accounts even in their absence.