5Dimes Sportsbook Review Huge range of betting options and markets

Known for having some of the most extensive betting options on the internet, 5Dimes is hugely popular with the slightly smaller bettor who are able to take advantage of the regular promotions and bonuses.

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  • Markets 9.8  
  • Software 9.3  
  • Value 9.1  
  • Bonus & Promotions 9.7  
  • Service & Support 9.4  
  • Deposit & Withdrawal 9.1  

5Dimes is a popular online sportsbook known for their industry leading odds, prompt payouts, and extensive sports coverage. Their history dates to 1998 where from San Jose, Costa Rica they opened their first phone in betting shop. A year later www.5dimes.eu came about boasting higher than standard betting limits and overnight payouts. Backed by one the sharpest bookmakers in the industry, success during their early years came rapidly. When leading discount bookmaker Pinnacle Sports left the US market on January 11, 2007, 5Dimes made the wise decision to fill the void by changing to a reduced juice model. From this date and on, 5Dimes has reigned as North America’s largest and most trusted discount betting site.

The first thing you’ll notice about 5 Dimes is their wagering options are massive. In addition to American sports you’ll find all the Euro and Australian sports covered such as soccer, cricket, Euro hockey, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Aussie Rules, volleyball, motor racing, golf, tennis, snooker, water polo and darts. While much of their marketing focus targets North America, punters from the UK and Australia might find 5Dimes a great alternative to High Street bookmakers and TAB.

To give an idea of just how vast the 5Dimes wagering options are, let’s take a peak just at NFL football. In the section of their wagering menu titled “straight wagers” you’ll find NFL point-spreads, moneylines and totals on full games, half times and quarters. What’s unique, the point spreads and totals are dynamic. For example, if the default line on the New England Patriots is -7 -105, via a drop down menu you’ll have dozens of other points spreads to choose from such as Patriots -6.5 -120, Patriots -6 -130, Patriots -7.5 +110 etc. Other bets you’ll find for NFL football include teasers, pleasers, futures and propositions. The prop menu itself is extremely extensive with often 200 or more propositions per game, many of which are unique propositions offered only at www.5dimes.eu.

5 Dimes Offers the Industry’s Best Odds

At 5 Dimes it doesn’t matter if you’re betting something as remote as minor league tennis, or as major as NFL football; whichever sport meets your tastes, you’ll find the odds are competitive. To get the best odds, from the wagering menu click “reduced” rather than “straight”. This will bring you to a section where that day’s games are listed with -105 base-pricing, as opposed to the standard -110.

Important Note: If you click “straight wagers” instead of clicking “reduced” from the main betting menu, you’ll end up paying more vig than required. There are two reasons why the 5Dimes website is configured this way. The first reason is 5 Dimes offers players a choice of bonus offers or reduced juice. Clients who previously chose the bonus option don’t have a “reduced” tab to click. The second reason: both the “straight wager” and “reduced juice” sections carry different betting limits, so a punter might intentionally choose the “straight wager” section when making a large bet. If you’re betting $500 per game or less, note that you’ll want to click the reduced tab each time you’re shopping bets.

Some other areas 5Dimes excels are their teaser, pleaser, parlay and future odds

5Dimes Teasers

5Dimes offers the most extensive teaser betting menu in the industry. For football you’ll find 2-15 team teasers offered for every half-point increment between 5 and 9.5 points each in a “ties win” and “ties reduce” option. You’ll also find 2-15 team sweetheart teasers in all half point increments between 10 and 17 points, as well as a 20 point option. These super teasers are offered in both “ties lose” and “ties reduce” formats. To add these all up, there are 26 different number of point settings, 14 number of team options, and two options for each on how ties are handled. This totals to 728 different options for betting teasers.

To put in perspective how awesome the odds are for each teasers option, at most online sportsbooks two team six point teasers are offered at -110. At 5Dimes the same are offered at +100. Also, compare their three team ten point teasers at -110 to the same at -120 at Pinnacle, Sportsbook etc. and -130 at Bookmaker.com, 2BetDSI etc. and you’ll start realize how impressive 5Dimes teaser odds are.

Next, consider this scenario: at all online betting sites the Patriots are -8 and the Jets are +2 and you’re looking to tease both because they fall under profitable basic strategy teaser subsets. If you’re like most bettors, you’d look for a third team and then make the wager at a site offering 3 team six point teasers at +180. If you understand the math in our article on teaser betting strategy you should be able to calculate that the +105 5Dimes offers for two-team, 5-point, “ties win” teasers is a far better option for teasing the two lines mentioned.

5Dimes Pleasers

In case you’re not familiar with pleaser betting, pleasers are the opposite of teasers. 5Dimes is the by far the best option for betting these, to learn why read my article on pleaser betting.

5Dimes Parlay Odds

At 5Dimes all parlays use “true odds”, meaning the payout comes out exactly the same as if you manually rolled your stakes and winnings forward while making each bet individually. This is not the case at many online betting sites. For example, with all selections priced at -110, 5 Dimes pays 12.28 to 1 on 4 team teasers where Sportsbook.com pays only 10 to 1.

5Dimes Future Odds

The odds on 5 Dimes for future markets such as which team will win the Super Bowl, National Championship, World Series etc. absolutely blows the competition out of the water. For example I can recall in the 2010/2011 NFL season where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers spent most of the season on betting sites as 80 to 1 dogs to win the Super Bowl, while 5Dimes had them at 225 to 1 almost the entire season.

The wagering options at 5Dimes are so many that it’s tough to cover them in a single review. In addition to what’s been covered here, they also offer great odds on college and high school sports, MMA including UFC, Strikeforce and BFC, minor football leagues such as CFL, Arena and UFL and much more. They also offer a 3D online poker room and an online casino which can be accessed using the same log in ID and player balance as your 5Dimes Sportsbook account. Their casino has the best odds in the industry charging only a 4% commission on banker baccarat bets, paying 1.09x on roulette red/black, odds/even and over/under wagers, paying 1.02 to 1 for winning Pai Gow Poker bets and more deals like this for all other games offered.

No matter what your wagering preference are, chances are high you’ll find the best odds at www.5dimes.eu.

5Dimes Bonus Offers

5Dimes offers new players the choice between reduced juice or bonus offers. Hands down, no questions about it, the reduced juice option is the best deal; so much so, that we won’t cover the bonus alternatives in this 5Dimes review.

5Dimes USA Banking Options

If you’re from the US there is very little negative to say about 5Dimes. Perhaps the only concern worth mentioning is that your first deposit will likely need to be made using a cash transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram. While heading off to your local supermarket or Walmart to do this might seem slightly inconvenient, the tradeoff is well worth it. 5Dimes has consensus top rankings on every major review portal including SBR and Bookmaker Review and has a longer proven track record of timely payments with fair dispute resolution than any other betting site servicing the US market. If you’re looking to play it safe and go with the brand that players trust, while getting the best odds in the industry, 5Dimes is worth the small hassle it takes to make your initial post up.

5Dimes Professional Betting Tips

The point I hopefully drilled home well in this 5Dimes review, is no matter what sports you’re interested in wagering 5Dimes very likely has the best odds. For that reason there isn’t a lot else to say in this review, as far as betting tips go, that are not already covered on other pages of our site. Some articles a 5Dimes punter might be interested in are as follows:

Teaser Betting – This comprehensive article on teaser betting will equip you with all the skill necessary to begin teaser betting for a profit.

Pleaser Betting – 5Dimes is the best online sportsbook for betting pleasers. If you’re not familiar with strategy for betting these, this is a must read article.

Future Betting – In this article I cover strategy relevant to all future bets including which team will win the 2012 Super Bowl.

There is however a couple tips I’ll give to professionals, not covered elsewhere on our website:

Tips for Betting at 5Dimes by a Professional Punter

Tip #1 Play by the Rules

Leading betting portals such as SBR and Bookmaker Review will agree, 5Dimes mediates and handles disputes fairly, but is not at all lenient when it comes to angle shooters. Their operations manager Tony Williams is an incredibly sharp bookmaker who prides himself on offering the industry’s best odds. He’s actual a great guy and a huge asset to the industry, but does have a mean side and choice words for those who cheat his company. The bottom line: if you pull tricks, such as using multiple accounts to circumvent limits, expect to be dealt with harshly. If on the other hand you’re playing by the rules, 5Dimes is a site that will pay you promptly no matter how much money you legitimately win.

Tip #2 Check Your Prop Wagers are Graded Correctly

At 5Dimes it’s not uncommon for there to be 200 unique propositions offered for a single game. Their grading department on occasion makes mistakes, and with their being so many props to choose from, it just might so happen you’re one of just a few bettors on a specific prop that was graded a loss when it should have been graded a win. As soon as 5Dimes is made aware of an error they’ll fix the grade for all bettors, but don’t leave it up to someone else to check that props you bet on are graded correctly.

Final Thought on 5Dimes

As a sports bettor who first opened my 5Dimes in 1999, over the past dozen years I’ve made approximately 40 withdrawals, all of them hassle free. Thanks to their massive sports coverage, industry leading odds, prompt payouts and easy to use betting interface, this is the online sportsbook I recommend to my friends and family. As generally is the case, I agree 100% with the decision of OnlineGambling.co management to list them as recommended online betting site.

To get started wagering with the industry’s best odds visit www.5dimes.eu.