BetOnline Sportsbook Review The best welcome bonus - guaranteed!

Despite being relatively new, have shaken up the market by offering an excellent range of markets, user-friendly software and a guarantee to beat any other welcome bonus you might be offered by their competitors.


  • Markets 9.6  
  • Software 9.3  
  • Payouts 8.8  
  • Bonus & Promotions 9.5  
  • Service & Support 9.2  
  • Deposit & Withdrawal 9.3  

BetOnline is one of the fastest growing online sportsbooks thanks to their strong management team, outstanding bonus offers, and firm commitment to the US market. While their website launched in November 2004, their actual history dates back to 2001 in San Jose, Costa Rica where current ownership founded In recent years, the company has gone all out hiring an All-Star staff including legendary gambling executive Clive Archer to serve as their CEO. In a time where other betting sites are stingy with bonuses and having trouble processing deposits from United States residents, offers a “best bonus guarantee” and allows Americans to deposit and withdrawal hassle free using e-check.

While there are many reasons to choose BetOnline as an online betting out, if you like parlays than hands down BetOnline is your best choice, as many of their parlays payout better than true odds. Of course all the standard wagering options are available in moneylines, totals, and point spreads for NFL and college football, NBA and college basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and much more. If Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is your thing, here you’ll find wagering odds on all UFC, Strikeforce and BFC matches. To put it simple: all the wagering options you’d expect to find from a US friendly bookmaker, and more, can be found at

Guaranteed Best Bonus Offer guarantees to match or beat any sign up bonus offered by legitimate North American friendly sportsbooks. Last season dozens of players we referred called in claiming was offering a private deal of 50% up to $250.00 free and even with no verification, BetOnline matched it. While deal shopping takes a little a work, you might want to just contact them and say “I read on OnlineGambling that 50% up to $250 bonuses are often negotiated for, could you please hook me up with the same?” Keep in mind already having an account number handy will streamline this process and might assist in getting the best deal, so prior to contacting them open an account at If you’re phone shy, no worries, also offers a live messenger chat from their website which can be used just the same.

If you’re unfortunate and bust your account without making a withdrawal, BetOnline will offer you unlimited reload bonuses. These are standard using the following chart:

  • $50-$299 deposit – 10% bonus with 3x rollover
  • $300-$499 deposit – 15% bonus with 4x rollover
  • $500-$999 deposit – 25% bonus with 6x rollover
  • $1000-$1999 deposit – 35% bonus with 7x rollover
  • $2000 capped deposit – 45% bonus with 8x rollover

All bonuses are given in the form of free play credits, and must be requested within 24 hours of qualifying deposit.

BetOnline Promotion Offers

At BetOnline the promotions change each season. Ones offered at the time of this review are similar to the popular Bore Draw Promotion, Bet365 offers non-American players. The details are as follows.

The Nil-Nil Refund

When betting the over in a soccer match, where the posted total was at least 2.5 goals, if the game ends in a 0-0 tie, you’ll receive a refund in the form of free play credits, up to $250.00, which require a ten-time rollover. To claim send an email to player [email protected] with your account number, and the ticket of the bet you want refunded. You’ll receive credit to your account in 24-hours or less.

What the Puck

This promotion works similar to the one above, has the same rollover requirement and instructions to claim. How this promo works: if you bet the under on an NFL game total, and a single team scores more goals than the posted total your bet is refunded up to $250.00.

The Wilt Effect

For this bonus you will need to actually pay attention. If you have a losing NBA point spread wager and the team you bet against has a player who scored 50 points or more, you’ll get a refund up to $250 in free play credits. The catch is you have just one hour to email [email protected] and request the “Wilt Effect” refund.

Again these were the current promotions when this review was written in March 2011. To get a list of the current promotions, which change frequently, check the promotions page of the BetOnline website.

BetOnline Professional Betting Tips – For Big & Small Bettors

Whilst Betonline is a great choice for the recreational bettor, it is also very accommodating for those that like to wager large amounts on their favourite sports.

Out of all the sportsbooks that focus on US sports and accept US bettors, it ranks second only to Bookmaker in the amount per wager it will take. Through the night, US time, it reduces its limits to $250 or so, but during working hours Betonline increases its limits on the wagers it will accept substantially, and you can bet thousands on all the popular US sports bets it has available.

They rarely limit winning players. The fact they accept e-check deposits, offer unlimited reload bonuses, and have lines on straight wagers, totals and moneylines comparable to if not sharper than those offered at Bodog and Intertops for example makes it a must have sportsbook in your betting armoury.

To give you an actual tip let’s focus for few minutes on parlays. As you’re probably aware straight wagers are done at -110 pricing at most betting sites and all Las Vegas sportsbooks. This means you need to risk $1.10 for each dollar you want to win. So for example if you want to wager $100 on the Boston Celtics -7, your bet is risk $110 to win $100. In almost all cases parlay payouts come out less than manual parlays. To illustrate that we’ll take a $100 stake and then bet it manually five times at -110 pricing.

  • Bet One: $100 to win $90.91, returns 190.91
  • Bet Two: $190.91 to win 173.55 returns 364.46
  • Bet Three: $364.46 to win $331.33 returns 695.79
  • Bet Four: $695.79 to win $632.54 returns $1328.33
  • Bet Five: 1328.33 to win 1207.57 returns $2535.90

In the above example after rolling over your stake plus winnings five times, you have back your initial $100 and a profit of $2435.90. This means you were paid 24.539 to 1. If you were to instead add these to a five team parlay ticket, the payout would come out the same, or more often less, at other betting sites. At BetOnline the payout actually comes out higher. Here a 5 team parlay pays 25 to 1, which is about the equivalent of getting each -110 bet at -108.86, representing a 14% savings on vig. Forget all the advice you heard about parlays being sucker bets. If you’re looking for a big score, betting 5 team parlays at BetOnline is a great option.

Closing Thoughts on BetOnline

BetOnline gets lower rankings than deserved on many betting review portals due to repeated attempts to link them with As you might recall, one of the largest online sportsbooks at the time BOS was forced to shut down in 2007 after their owners were arrested and/or indicted by US authorities on bookmaking and money laundering charges. While BetOnSports as a company settled with the US Department of Justice, the company closed down leaving many clients unpaid. At the time current BetOnline CEO Clive Archer was their Marketing Director. This is the connection former BOS players who were stiffed are relentless to push.

The fact of the matter is Clive Archer was hired by BetOnSports in April 2005, five years after they were founded. BetOnSports was not a rinky-dink company any average Joe could buy his way onto the board of. On the contrary, they were publicly traded company based in London that posted over one billion in profits in 2004. Considering Archer had a past employment resume that included founding Interactive Circle, and working for Microgaming, and then after BetOnSports closed worked for Action Poker and eGaming, it’s rather safe to assume he was merely a BOS employee whose position came with share options.

SportsbookReview, the industry’s oldest and most trusted Sportsbook Rating Guide, gives BetOnline a B+ ranking, which in our opinion is spot on. In the four years we’ve worked with BetOnline we’ve never heard of any issues with slow pays, missed payments, unfair rulings, or any other such hoopla. So to set the record straight BetOnline has nothing to do with and we’re proud to list them here at OnlineGambling as a recommended online sportsbook.

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