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  • Games 8.9  
  • Software 9  
  • Progressive Jackpots 8.3  
  • Bonus & Promotions 7.9  
  • Service & Support 8.9  
  • Deposit & Withdrawal 9.4  
8.7/10 is an all-in-one gambling destination, featuring a sportsbook, casino, poker room and bingo hall all on the same site. Players can use a single account to access all of the different gambling options at Bookmaker, making it a convenient portal for those who enjoy many different forms of gambling.

With the motto “Where the Line Originates,” you might expect an emphasis placed on the sportsbook here – and it’s true that this is what Bookmaker is best known for. But each section of the Bookmaker website is top notch, including their fully functional Flash-based casino.

While the casino is not the most extravagant, and it doesn’t have the largest variety of games you’ll find, what is there simply works, and works well. If you’re looking for the most stylish online casino, you may have to look elsewhere, but there’s plenty of substance here for those willing to give Bookmaker a try. Casino Software

Bookmaker’s casino software is provided by Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS). The online-only, no download Flash interface isn’t the prettiest one in the industry; it has a lot of rough edges and lacks some of the features you’ll find at some other online casinos. However, the software is easy to use and is very stable, as we’ve never had any problems on the site when playing games or navigating menus. Each game has a “fast play” option that takes out the simulated rolls, card dealing, or spins of the wheel and simply gives you your result immediately.

Overall, we think the DGS software platform is a strong point, though players who like flashy graphics or want a downloadable casino may prefer some of our other recommended casinos. Casino Table Games

While Bookmaker doesn’t have some of the more exotic games carried by some of the other online casinos we review, they do have a full suite of classics along with several variations.

Online Blackjack at

Bookmaker spreads a classic blackjack game that is dealt out of a six-deck shoe in both single- and multi-hand formats. Bets from $1 to $250 are allowed in both formats. There are also a number of blackjack variants on the site, including Blackjack Double Exposure, Switch Blackjack, and Spanish Blackjack (Spanish 21). All of these games allow $1 to $50 betting limits, while the Switch and Spanish games also have higher limit tables available where you may bet between $50 and $100. There are also live blackjack tournaments available from a tab in the casino menu.

Online Roulette at

Roulette is spread in two forms: American roulette, which features two zeroes, and Single Zero roulette, which only has one zero and is the better bet for the player. As with most of the casino games at Bookmaker, the graphics and sounds are pretty bare bones; however, the game works fine, with all bets being paid correctly and the betting areas being easy to identify and use.

Online Craps at

The craps game here might be slightly disappointing to some players, only because of the odds offered behind the pass line. While most live casinos offer 3x-5x odds (and sometimes more), only allows you to place 2x your pass line bet. While there are many other casinos that also offer these odds, they’re not the best you’ll find, as some of the other casinos we recommend offer 3x odds or higher.

Online Baccarat at

Bookmaker’s baccarat table is true to the game. Though the layout might take you a second to figure out, the game otherwise plays smoothly. The cards used are large and audio announcements are made as well, so those who have trouble seeing the screen will know exactly what’s going on. Betting limits of up to $300 per hand make the game perfect for high rollers, as well.

Online Pai Gow at

Pai Gow Poker is offered, using the house way method popularized by the Flamingo Casino and a 5% commission on wins. The only problem we found with this game was the fact that all seven cards must be moved into two new hands in order to arrange them; many sites use a more convenient method where only two cards must be moved to the front hand, and the rest are automatically placed in the back. On the other hand, if you want to use the house way method, that’s simple and fast thanks to a large button that will automatically set your hands by the Flamingo method.

Several of the popular propriety poker table games are also available at Bookmaker. The Let it Ride game works just like the version you’ll find in live casinos, without any bonus or side bets being offered. Three Card Poker runs smoothly and uses typical (if not the very best) pay tables for both the Ante and PairPlus Bets. Caribbean Stud is referred to simply as “Stud Poker” and includes a progressive jackpot side bet. Casino Slots

Bookmaker features a fairly small selection of slots games, with just 10 different machines available for play. One machine, Fruity Fortune, comes in two different formats; a quarter slot that plays normally, and a dollar machine that carries a progressive jackpot.

The slot machines here are rather simple, and don’t feature extensive bonus games or video features. You won’t find machines with themes based off of media franchises here; instead, you’ll have some basic themes that give each machine a slightly different flavor, but little more. Examples include Jurassic Fire (dinosaurs!), Pirate’s Revenge (pirates!) and Touchdown Fever (football!). Some machines feature three reels, others five; some are single line machines, while others will allow you to play up to nine lines at once.

Overall, the slot machine selection is slightly underwhelming if you’re looking for a huge variety or flashy graphics. However, all the games play fast and seem to offer reasonable payouts. If you’re just looking to play and aren’t worried about style, these slots will suit you fine. Video Poker

Bookmaker has five different video poker games, some of which are offered in multiple formats. All the games are easy to play, feature clear graphics and ran smoothly in all of our attempts to play them. Here’s a quick rundown of each one:

Jacks or Better at

Bookmaker has one of the best Jacks or Better games around. They give the full 9/6 pay table that returns 99.54% to the player with optimal strategy. This pay table is available on both the single line and 25-line Jacks or Better machines.

Deuces Wild at

The pay table for Deuces Wild is not quite as generous as the Jacks or Better table. Both the single line and 25-line versions of the game should return approximately 99.67% to the player.

Jokers Wild at

The Bookmaker Jokers Wild game requires a pair of kings or better to win, and is available in both single line and 25-line machines. The pay table for each game should return about 97.5%.

Double Double Bonus at

The Double Double Bonus game is only available in a single-line format. The pay table used is mediocre, returning 95.7% to the player.

Aces and Eights at

Like Double Double Bonus, this game is only available in a single line format. The pay table is fair, offering a 97.72% return to a player utilizing perfect strategy. Keno and Other Games

Bookmaker’s Keno game is pretty standard, allowing you to pick up to 10 spots and offering a 10,000-1 payout if you can hit all 10. You must bet a minimum of two spots to play, and bets can range from 10 cents to $5. There’s also a cool multiplayer keno game that allows you to buy tickets for regularly scheduled drawings.

There’s also a video bingo game in which the player can purchase between one and eight bingo cards. After the cards are purchased, numbers are drawn as in standard bingo. When a card fills the pattern required for that game – which varies each time you play – payouts are made if a bingo is achieved when 70 or fewer balls have been drawn. The faster your cards get filled, the bigger the payouts. Four different rooms are provided for playing these bingo games, from one that costs a dime per card to the Pink Room, where each card costs $1. Deposits and Withdrawals

Bookmaker has a number of different processors available for making deposits into your accounts there. As with most sites, using credit and debit cards – in this case, those issued by Visa – is a great option for most players. Money can also be wired to the site using Western Union or Moneygram. Bank wires are another option that can be utilized in many countries.

One unique method offered is iPoint, a service designed to allow consumers to purchase mobile phone credits online. These same credits can be used to purchase chips in the casino, and can be purchased by players around the world, including in the United States. E-wallet solutions like Moneybookers and Neteller are also available for many players.

Withdrawals are fast, generally being processed within 7-10 days. Withdrawals can be received by check, through Western Union or MoneyGram, online through a MoneyBookers or Neteller account, and by Bank Wire. Casino Loyalty Program

Every time you place a bet at Bookmaker – either in the casino or in one of their other properties – you’ll earn BetPoints that will move you through the various levels of the BetPoints Rewards Program.

Every player begins at the Gold Reward Level. After earning 30,000 BetPoints in a 12-month period, you’ll move up to the Platinum Level, where you’ll get 10% more value out of your BetPoints and additional free withdrawals from your account. Finally, earn 300,000 or more BetPoints in a year, and you’ll be promoted to the Diamond Reward Level, where you’ll earn yet another 10% extra on your BetPoints, and be entitled to dedicated customer service and a free withdrawal from your account each week.

Your BetPoints can be used in a number of different ways. If you’d like to see more cash in your Bookmaker account, you can directly trade in BetPoints for cash. For example, a Gold member can trade in 5,000 BetPoints for $25 in cash. Platinum members, on the other hand, can get $28 for the same number of points, while Diamond members will get $31.

Players can also choose to trade in points for Gift Cards, with players at higher tiers of the rewards program getting better deals on gift cards from,, StubHub and other popular retail outlets. BetPoints can also be traded for Frequent Flyer miles, handicapping services, merchandise from the Bookmaker store, and much more!