History and Background

Ever since Roger Hunt's famous World Cup goal in 1966 the fallibility of officials and how they effect the outcome of games has always been a hot debate in Football. The issue came back into the public eye after Viktor Ibkeba's penalty at the African Nations Cup in 2000 wasn't given despite TV replays clearly showing evidence to the contrary. By this stage we had the technology but could Football be dragged into the 21st century and follow the trail blazed by other sports like Rugby and Tennis?



After a number of high profile incidents (many of which detailed below), In July 2011 FIFA sanctioned testing to begin on ten goal line technology systems and in March 2013 it announced that two were proceeding to the next stage - Hawkeye and Goal Ref with Hawkeye getting the nod from FIFA and the FA after a final round of testing and analysis.

Opposition and Criticism

As well as the obvious impediments like the expense and a general cry to encourage "better refereeing" there has been some high profile opposition to the integration of technology in Football. FIFA President Sepp Blatter has been quoted as saying that this imperfection is what maintains "the fascination and popularity of Football". He later revised this opinion after Lampard's disallowed goal at the 2010 World Cup. It's also believed that UEFA's President Michel Platini is still opposed in favour of the much criticised "Fifth official" so we may yet have to wait to see Goal Line Technology in the Champions League.

In 2012 FIFA announced the goal line technology would be used in a competitive match for the first time at the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup in Japan.

Later on, in 2013, FIFA tested a Goal Control camera-based system in the Confederations Cup in Brazil.

FIFA confirmed it will be used in the 2014 World Cup.

How it works

There are 7 Cameras at each side of the pitch focusing the game from different angles. The cameras are processed to find the ball within the image and track it as it comes into range.

When the ball crosses the line the outcome is relayed to the referee within a second through a synchronized vibration on the watch.

Where it's already
being used

English Premier League

Capital One Cup

The Dutch Eredivisie

First Goal

Edin Dzeko scored the first Premier League goal to be given by the Hawk-Eye goal technology on 18th of January in their 4-2 victory over Cardiff.

Edin Dzeko



Goals Where It Should
Have Been Used

Frank Lampard - After the German's raced into an early 2-0 lead, Lampard's wonder-strike would have brought England back on level terms before the break. Clearly a yard over the line, the goal wasn't given as England crashed out of a major tournament at the hands of Germany once again.

World Cup 2010

Frank Lampard


After Mendes' controversial 40 yard effort was comically fumbled into his own net by the goal keeper Roy Carroll, no goal was given despite replays confirming the ball clearly crossing the line. Old Trafford conspiracy theorists still don't forget this event as the game ended up scoreless and Spurs were left shaking their heads.

Pedro Mendes



Dubbed the "Ghost Goal" by the Special One himself, Luis Garcia's goal proved pivotal in sending Liverpool to the Champions league final in 2005. Would the miracle of Istanbul have even happened had the Hawkeye technology been in place? Chelsea fans were left wondering "what if".

UEFA Champions League

Luis Garcia


It's always a big occasion when these two giants of Italian football meet. When Muntari's follow up header was saved by Buffon, the ball was clearly well over the line. Had Hawkeye been active, it would have come to the aid of the Rossoneri.

Sulley Muntari

SERIE A 2012


Possibly the most bizarre refereeing decision ever seen on British shores. John Eustace's "own goal" clearly went a foot wide of the post. The officials however, saw it differently and gave it as a goal. Watford's players were understandably outraged at the decision.


John Eustace


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